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Pearl Harbor Parade
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The 80th Anniversary of World War II will take place during a five year span, (Length of the War) beginning on December 7, 2021 and concluding in 2026. Each year in Hawaii, Washington DC and Normandy France official commemorations will take place to salute our veterans for their service and sacrifice. 
Come help us commemorate the past and celebrate the future, as we recognize the service and sacrifice of those who served our nation for the great cause of liberty and freedom.
Performers, JROTC Cadets and Tour Groups along with Veterans and military families, register here to take part in the official events. 

A&E History remembers Pearl Harbor with first hand accounts of the attack. 

D-Day Commemoration tribute paid by America's Got Talent Children's Choir from Utah. 

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte documents their experience in Normandy during the D-Day Anniversay


Lakeshore Marching Band from Michigan recounts their special experience saluting the veterans in Normandy France.

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If ever there was proof needed that we

fought for a cause and not for conquest it could be found in the cemeteries. Here was our only conquest: All we asked...Was Enough...Soil in which to bury our gallant dead. 

General Mark W. Clark 

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